A sampling.

I think I might have put too much on one page but we'll try it. There are lots more pictures available of details if you click on the pictures themselves. I will get you size measurements on all. I took the group shots so you would have a judge of size. I will only sell the Belova shade with the flushmount I have pictured it with. I have a matched pair of the brass 2 1/4 inch flushmounts and I have pairs of the shades I pictured them with. I also have a pair of the white on white shades. All the other shades are singles. I will not break-up the pairs of shades or the flushmounts but you can put single shades on the flushomunts. The close-ended shades are 3 1/4 inch so I will need to photo fittings, any you like I will get you more details on.

These are all singles. Belova left, star-cut mission center and Thistle right.
Star cut mission
Pair of white on white etched-need to be cleaned.
All singles - leaf mission left, iridescent etched enter, strawberry etched right.
This will be the B shade. Pair of flushmounts/shades.
This will be the A shade. Pair of flushmounts shades.
Single flushmount or sconce with Belova shade.
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