Allen's Antique Lighting

“Purveyors of the finest in antique lighting and accessories.”

Specializing in authentic gas and early electric fixtures, circa 1840 to 1910, including:
gaseliers, chandeliers, wall brackets, sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, newel standards,
and exceptional antique etched and art glass shades.

Authors of the book series, "Antique Lighting of the Nineteenth Century"
Volume 1: The Lighting Fixtures of C.H. McKenney & Company, Boston, MA
Volume 2: The Lighting Fixtures of W.C. Vosburgh Company, Brooklyn, NY
Volume 3: The Lighting Fixtures of Mitchell Vance Company, New York, NY
Volume 4: The Shades & Globes of Gleason, Phoenix & Williamson Companies

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