Chris and I thought that it would be interesting to have a page that contains interesting facts and events noteworthy to other antique lighting enthusiasts. For example, let us know about your latest discovery, unusual part or shade, perplexing question, or anything else relating to lighting that comes to mind. It could even be your ad (buying or selling) or links to other websites that would be of interest. This is free space, so take advantage of the opportunity!

Q: Does anyone have any gas argand burners for sale? These are the round columns with the three prongs that hold fitterless shades of about 2 1/2" diameter. We're willing to pay $25 each for these.


Please email us your contributions or questions and we will post them as we receive them. This page can be a lot of fun, so let's be creative!

A new submission comes from someone that has a very unique crytal floor lamp. Please make any comments regarding age, maker, origin or value!